Firewall rules configured from the Cloud Console do not seem to be reflected.

Currently, we have confirmed discrepancies to occur when setting firewall rules from the Cloud Console under the following conditions.

Conditions for discrepancies to occur:

      • Failure to press [Apply Rule] after clicking to save a particular FW rule.
      • Restarting the system other than from the Cloud Console, such as through commands.
      • Migrating virtual servers created with KVM.

Solution methods:

      • In the case of a KVM virtual server…restarting the virtual server after migration.
      • In the case of a Xen virtual server…reconstructing the network after migration.

Although we are continually working to solve discrepancies, there are no concrete schedules or dates set at this time.
We apologize for the inconvenience. Please implement the above solutions in the meantime.





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