The virtual machine is stuck in the "Pending" state and I'm unable to perform further operations in the Cloud Console.

In the case of a locked state:

You will no longer be able to perform server operations through "Virtual Server Operations" in a locked state.
Also, status within the "Virtual Server Activity Log" will remain in either the "Canceled", "Running", or "Pending" states.

Please go to and use the form submit a request to unlock the server when a locked state occurs.
We will notify you when unlocking procedures are completed.

  • Please make sure that you enter correct information since the unlocking procedure cannot be performed if there are any errors in the information provided.
  • We accept virtual server unlocking requests 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

How to prevent a locked state:

The locked state is a type of exclusion control to prevent data inconsistencies as a result of consecutive operations performed on the virtual machine.

The locked state may possibly occur from attempting consecutive operations on the virtual machine.
Please refrain from performing consecutive operations on the virtual machine.
The status of virtual machine operations can be checked in the "Virtual Server Activity Log".
Please confirm that the "Status" of the current operation is in the "Complete" state before performing the next operation.

Depending on the template type or usage conditions, it may take a few to several minutes for virtual machine operations to complete.
Please allow sufficient time for operations to process.


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