I don't want to register my credit card or pay. I want a free service.

GMO Cloud America offers a free trial period for Cloud hosting services, however we require a customer to register a valid payment information (Credit Car or PayPal) during GMO Cloud America's sign up process.

This is to check the legitimacy of your registered information and also check to see if you are able to afford the fees of the plan that you selected  in the future.

Our system authorize to your credit card or PayPal which ever you enter as your payment method for an amount of monthly fixed fees of the plan that you selected. (If you select As-Pay-You-Go plan, the authorization amount is $12.00)

Due to the high volume of the signs up with fraudulent information that we receive every day, please understand that the authorization to your payment method is very important to protect our business.

The authorization of the transaction will be expired after 30 days automatically and you will not be billed for this initial sign up authorization at your payment company's bill.
In case you wish for us to void the authorization sooner than the automatic expiration, please notify us.


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