I input the authorization code, but got an error message, "Invalid auth Code."

You have received the notification about the Invalid Auth Code because you have tried to generate the code multiple times. It is also possible that the credit card that you have entered has been declined more than 5 times that prompted our system to block your email address.

Please make sure that you have the accurate credit card number and let us know by sending us a reply to this email or sending us an email at supportus@gmocloud.com.

Once we receive your email, we will unblock your email address and you may restart the order process by registering your email address again and use the auth code that the system will send to your email address.


Additional Reference:


There are two fields for codes in our signup form:  

  • The authorization code (auth. code) should have been sent to you via email when you registered your email address at the start of the signup process.
  • The promotion code (promo code) would have been given to you by one of our sales staff. This is a code which tells us to manually adjust the payment system to give you a longer free trial period.
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