Sign Up Using Paypal

IMPORTANT: You may think you will be charged by receiving an email from Paypal, however this is just an authorization, so you will not be charged until your 14-day trial period ends.

  1. Place an order with your email address
    • You will receive an email with auth code with subject: Please confirm your email address to start your order
  2. Select plan > Enter personal info > Verify phone number > Checkout
  3. Select payment type (Credit card / PayPal)
  4. By selecting PayPal, you will be taken to the paypal page
    • Login PayPal > Click on agree to purchase
  5. You will be taken back to order complete page.
  6. For your guidance, you will receive the following emails:

Subject:  1. Welcome to GMO Cloud

2. Your GMO Cloud service setup is completed

    • From: Paypal

Subject: Received Payment Reservation to GMO CLOUD AMERICA INC.

(Subject may be slightly different;  it will be sent with the language that you have selected.)  

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