[Network Interfaces] listNetworkInterfaces


Functional Overview

Getting a List of Network Interfaces

Returns a list of network interfaces assigned to the specified virtual machine.
An error is returned if the ID of the specified virtual machine is invalid or does not exit.

Request Parameters

Please specify the following parameters when executing this function.

Identifier Specifies the virtual machine identifier.
The virtual machine identifier can be obtained with the listNodes API.
From the listNodes response object's identifier field.

Response Objects

The response is returned in the following format.

created_at Returns the date and time the network interface was configured.
The date and time is displayed in the following format.
default_firewall_rule Returns the default firewall rules designated for the firewall configuration of that network interface.
id Returns the ID of that network interface.
identifier Returns the ID of that network interface.
label Returns the label that is set for that network interface.
mac_address Returns the MAC address assigned to that network interface.
network_join_id Returns the network ID that the network interface belongs to.
primary Returns whether or not that network interface is set as the primary interface.
true : Set as the primary interface.
false : Status other than the above.
rate_limit Returns the port speed that has been set to that network interface.
The unit is Mbps.
updated_at Returns the date and time the configuration of that network interface was last updated.
The date and time is displayed in the following format.
usage null
virtual_machine_id Returns the ID of the virtual machine that the network interface is connected to.

Sample Request


Sample Response

  "Id_of_NetworkInterface": {
    "label": "eth0",
    "created_at": "2012-07-19T12:32:33+09:00",
    "usage": null,
    "updated_at": "2012-07-20T23:50:59+09:00",
    "primary": true,
    "id": Id_of_NetworkInterface,
    "usage_month_rolled_at": null,
    "mac_address": "00:00:00:00:00:00",
    "default_firewall_rule": "ACCEPT",
    "usage_last_reset_at": null,
    "rate_limit": 1,
    "identifier": "Identifier_of_NetworkInterface",
    "network_join_id": Id_of_Network_Join,
    "virtual_machine_id": Id_of_VM

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