[IP Addresses] getIpAddress


Process Overview of the Function

Detail information of the specified IP address belonging to a specific network is returned.

Request Parameters

Specify the following parameter(s) when executing this function.


Network ID

Specify the ID of the network to which the specified IP address belongs.
The network_id can be obtained from the 8.1. listNetworks function.
In the 8.1. listNetworks function response object, the corresponding field is, id.


Network ID

This parameter was used in older version of API, and currently is not in use.
Even if the Identifier parameter is specified it will not change the behavior of the API.
This parameter will be deleted after a suitable period of time.


IP Address ID

Specify the ID assigned to the apppropriate IP address.
The IP address ID can be obtained from the 9.1. listIpAddresses function.
In the 9.1. listIpAddresses function response object, the corresponding field is, id.


Response Object

The same format as in 9.1. listIpAddresses function is used in the response.
Refer to the 9.1. listIpAddresses function Response Object for details.

Request Sample


Response Sample

"netmask": "",
"disallowed_primary": false,
"address": "",
"created_at": "2012-06-13T19:59:39+09:00",
"network_address": "",
"network_id": ID_of_Network,
"updated_at": "2012-06-13T19:59:39+09:00",
"broadcast": "",
"id": ID_of_IpAddress,
"free": false,
"gateway": ""

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