[Creating a Virtual Machine] Considerations Before Creation

Creating a Virtual Server

Considerations Before Creation

With GMO Cloud Hosting, users are able to easily build/create virtual machines.

This page lists down functions and specifications of the Hypervisors. You may check to this list prior to VM creation.

Hypervisor functions

GMO Cloud Hosting uses a Xen hypervisor, please refer to the table below for available functions:

Major standard features list Xen
Cloud Portal (admin)
Firewall function
Load balancer function

Backup function 10GB (※)
User function template Up to 20
Public IP address Each 1 (※)
Local IP address Limitless
Bandwidth 100Mbps/VM (※)
Amount of data transferred Amount of data transferred
Scale up / down
Auto scale (out / in) ○ (※)
Auto Failover
Hot migration ○ (※)

※ Expandable / add additional options

Not compatible with Windows OS Templates

OS Templates

The load balancer and auto-scaling functions are not available in the Windows OS template. On the other hand, all functions are available in the Linux-Ubuntu OS templates.

Data Backup

We recommend that you backup your data prior to performing various tasks such as adding virtual machines, re-installation and migration. For more information about how to back up data, please refer to the Guide.

Automatic Configuration

Creating or rebooting a virtual machine, and re-installation of the OS may be performed at any time using the Cloud Console.

Settings are all done automatically; if other tasks are being performed, there is a possibility that automatic operations would be in a "Pending" state.

Security measures

Security measures on the operation of virtual servers can be conducted upon the user's request. This service is different from the common shared services of GMO Cloud Hosting.


Asking for security measures
Firewall settings (※)

※ The default in firewall settings is "ACCEPT" ANY, please adjust the settings according to the available application's requirements after creating the virtual machine.

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