[Access to the Virtual Machine] Access Using the Console

Access to the Virtual Machine

Access Using the Console

You may access your virtual machine through GMO Cloud Public's cloud console.

Console Features

One function that can be performed is the ability to access the server through the console via our Java terminal emulator via SSH to the serial port. So you will be able to have console access without having to install a terminal client on your computer.

STEP 1: Choose the virtual machine
In the menu on the left side panel, click on Virtual Machines, then select the virtual machine you want to access.



STEP 2: Open the console
When you get to the desired virtual machine, click on the "Overview" tab, then "Console", then click on the "Open Console" button. Note that it will only appear if the server is up and running.



STEP 3: Accessing the server
The console screen will open in a pop-up window. Login ID and password are as follow:

Login ID: root
Password: The password that you set when you created the virtual machine

* If you do not know the password, refer to "Resetting the Root Password" in this manual.




Note: GMO CLOUD AMERICA INC. does not make any guarantee with regard to the content of this manual and will not be held responsible for any damages resulting from customers or third parties.



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