[Access to the Virtual Machine] Access Using the SSH Emulator

Access Using the SSH Emulator

GMO Cloud Hosting: Using the terminal emulator to access the virtual server via SSH. This manual uses “Putty” in the examples.

STEP 1: Start “Poderosa” from the File menu then select “New telnet/SSH Connection”


STEP 2: Settings screen
Inside “Description” click on “Console”. In order to change to the following screen, please click on Open Console. Enter the required information below, please enter the “OK” button.


Hostname: IP address or domain name used
Protocol SSH2(We recommend to connect with SSH2)
User name: Root (account default setting)
Passphrase: Password you set when you created the virtual server

*If you did not modify the SSH port then Port is automatically changed to match the selected protocol.

Step 3: Complete Access

As is, you can use the terminal emulator (SSH) to perform commands on the virtual machine.



Note: GMO CLOUD AMERICA INC. does not make any guarantee with regard to the content of this manual and will not be held responsible for any damages resulting from customers or third parties.




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