[Creating a Virtual Machine] How to Create a Virtual Machine

How to Create a Virtual Machine

With GMO Cloud Hosting, you can create any combination of the configuration of the virtual machine.

STEP 1 Access to the Add New Virtual Machine screen

In the lefthand menu click on "Virtual Machines", and then click "Add New Virtual Machine".


STEP 2 Determine Virtual Server properties

Adding a new virtual server. For each property, please refer to the following.

Virtual Server Properties

Setting the properties of the virtual server.

Label Optional setting
Host name It is recommended that the hostname is configured with a domain name that includes two or more dots in its name. 
 (This will be reflected in the configuration files inside the server) 
• Use of "_" (underscore) is not available. 
• We recommend the use of alphanumeric characters. 
• It is recommend that the label name / hostname be the same. 
• Changing of the hostname afterwards is not possible.
Hypervisor zone Select either of the multi-function zone (Xen) or (KVM) Fast zone. 
Once again prior to selection please read the Guidelines Before Creating.
Hypervisor Select any hypervisor.
Password Set a password of your choosing. 
From the viewpoint of security, we recommend a complex password. 
[Reference] Request for security measures



Selecting a template

Template that is selected in the image so as for documentation purposes only, when it comes to actually set, please select the template that was to availability.

OS Choose Windows or Linux
John distributions Linked to OS template type
Template Choose the OS template that has the applications you require.


※ When using WindowsOS

Use of a load balancer and the auto scale Out / Up functions not available.

※ If using the HDE Controller

Because it is equipped with a VPS edition, operation multiple domain names / IP addresses cannot be performed.


In configuring the resources, increase depending on availability.

It is possible to change these items even after the virtual server has been created.

The initial value displayed in each field depends on the selected template.

※ With KVM, CPU usage is set to 100%.


Primary Disk and Swap Disk

In configuring the primary disk and disk swap, increase depending on availability.

The initial value displayed in each field depends on the selected OS.

The primary disk - Refers to the amount of disk space allocated to the virtual server.
The swap disk - Refers to the amount of disk space allocated to swap space. 
※ The swap disk setting can not be done with the WindowsOS.


Network Configuration

Setting the network configuration. 
For network zone select from Public Network Zone or Local Network Zone.


Automation Configuration

Configure which automations to use. 
We recommend the “Build Virtual Machine Automatically” setting.

※ If you enable the auto-scale
Auto scale here, refers to the auto-scale up. 
For information on how to set the policy, please refer to [How to set up auto scale].



As you set each property above, the price per hour is updated.


STEP3 Add a New Virtual Machine

After setting each property, clicking on the Create Virtual Machine at the bottom of the screen, configuration of the new virtual server begins.


Once screen below appears, the configuration is running normally.


STEP 4 Addition of the virtual machine is complete

When the status of the activity logs of the virtual server is shown as Complete, the addition of the virtual machine is complete.




Note: GMO CLOUD AMERICA INC. does not make any guarantee with regard to the content of this manual and will not be held responsible for any damages resulting from customers or third parties.



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