[Action of the Virtual Machine] Firewall Settings

Action of the Virtual Machine

Firewall Settings

With GMO Cloud Hosting's Cloud console, you can configure the firewall for each virtual machine.
Since the limit has not been done, in the initial configuration of the virtual machine, please make settings to suit your usage after creating a new one.

STEP 1: Access to the firewall configuration screen
There are two ways to access the setup screen as shown below:

How to access from the Edit firewall action of the current virtual machine



How to access from the virtual machine screen. Click on Networking > > Firewall



STEP 2: Create a firewall rule for each port
In the cloud console's firewall screen for the server, it is possible to apply firewall rules for each interface port.

(※ Does not matter if the interface is global network or local network)
As an example, if the destination port to open is SSH then enter "22".


Select the TCP or UDP for protocol of destination port. In this example for SSH, select "TCP". Enter the source address like your company's IP address for instance. If all is correct, click on Save.

Leverage points when creating a rule

"-" A range of IP addresses can be specified using a hyphen in the Source Address , you will be able to specify more than one IP address. [Example]

Separation by "/" for the source IP address, you can specify the network. [Example]

Separating the Destination Ports with ",", you will be able to specify more than one port.
22,25,53,80 [Example]

It is best to create the rules in numerical order from lowest to highest Destination Port numbers


By leaving the Source Address blank any IP will be allowed for that port(s).



Please apply the firewall rules.



STEP 3: Editing firewall rules
When more than one rule is applied, the priority of the rules is configured. By default higher priority is given to rules entered first.. In the example below the Rule number Indicates eth0 #1 is higher than eth0 #2. If you want to change the priority this can be changed by the arrow symbols.
To remove a rule click the delete icon. To edit a rule click on the pencil icon.


When finished be sure to Apply the Firewall Rules.


Note: GMO CLOUD AMERICA INC. does not make any guarantee with regard to the content of this manual and will not be held responsible for any damages resulting from customers or third parties.

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