[Network] IP Address Allocation


IP address allocation

The GMO Cloud Hosting console allows assignment of a global IP address  to a virtual machine. You can add an IP address to a virtual machine by performing an assignment. This option is a charged service.

In this guide, we will describe how to

  • Set up the network interface that has already been configured
  • Add a global IP address or Add a local IP address
  • Add a new network interface

Please refer to the following steps below.

STEP 1: Select the virtual machine

On the left hand menu, click on “Virtual Machines” then select the virtual machine where you want to add an IP address to.


Select the “Networking” tab above and  click on “IP addresses”. Click the icon for the “Allocate New IP Address Assignment”.


STEP 2: IP address assignment

Fill in the required fields, and then click “Add IP address assignment”.

Network interface Select the network interface for the IP address you want to add the IP to. (The guide to adding a global IP address to the network interface that is configured in the initial setup[eth0])
Please show me used IP pool IP addresses that are currently being used by other virtual servers will be displayed. An IP address will not be able to operate on multiple virtual servers at once. If you use, you must stop the virtual server using it.
IP address Select an available IP address.

Click on the “Add IP Address Assignment” below.


STEP 3: Rebuild Network

Select the “Networking” tab above and  click on “IP addresses”.


STEP 4: Checking for Reboot

When you rebuild the network, the virtual machine is restarted. Please click “OK” if there is no problem.

Click on the “OK” button to confirm the reboot.


STEP 5: Settings

Please make sure that the reboot is complete, log in to the server , IP address and the interface are set to use the additional IP address. In this guide we have added a second global IP address [eth0], we have confirmed the IP address of the item that was added in the red frame.


Set of management tools

Assign the IP address to the virtual machine, you can configure it from the (GUI) management tool.

  • Adding IP address for PLESK
  • Adding IP address to Windows

※ Adding IP addresses from the HDE Controller though is not allowed.

Operations command

We do not offer support for command line operation. Please be aware we can not support topics outside the scope of this guide.



Note: GMO CLOUD AMERICA INC. does not make any guarantee with regard to the content of this manual and will not be held responsible for any damages resulting from customers or third parties.

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