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Auto-Scale Out

GMO Cloud Hosting can set the auto-scale out from the cloud console

This function will add a number of virtual machines (nodes) automatically if the CPU load and/or memory usage of the current server node(s) have been above a threshold for a set amount of time.

STEP 1: Create a Load balancer on your Onapp console


STEP 2: Complete the Load Balancer details fields.  Then under “Load Balancer type” click on “AutoScaling”


STEP 3: Complete the Cluster node details and Cluster node parameters

  • OS Template: Choose your OS template you have prepared for this purpose.
  • Minimum number of Nodes: Specifies the minimum number of virtual servers (nodes)
  • Minimum number of servers (nodes) to be generated by the auto scale-out virtual
  • Maximum number of Nodes: Specifies the maximum number of virtual servers (nodes).
  • The maximum number of servers (nodes) to be generated by the auto scale-out virtual


STEP 4: Complete the Auto Scale Out Parameters and Auto Scale In Parameters details

This is where you will input the details of the Auto Scale Parameters for your Load Balancer. Once you are done click "Save" to build Auto Scale Load Balancer.


The Load Balancer will be processed in a few minutes. Once it is done, you will see the new load balancer that was created together with its label name and status as “On”.




Note: GMO CLOUD AMERICA INC. does not make any guarantee with regard to the content of this manual and will not be held responsible for any damages resulting from customers or third parties.

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