[Network] Add a Network Interface


Add a Network Interface (Assignment of local IP address)

STEP 1: Select the virtual machine

On the left hand menu, click on “Virtual Machines” then select the virtual machine that you want to add the IP address to.


STEP 2: Access to the Network Interface menu

Select the Networking tab above and  click on “Network Interfaces”.


STEP 3: Add a new network interface

Click “Add New Network Interface”.




STEP 4: Additional network interface

Fill in the required fields, and then click “Add a network interface”.

Label Enter the name that is appropriate for the OS. (e.g. eth1, eth0)
Physical network

Select the physical network to be added 
(in this example, choose a local network. If you want to add public/global network, you should select public here.)

Port Speed Enter any port speed.



Once the reboot is complete, the network interface that you added will be displayed. This additional network interface is then complete.



STEP 5: Access to a menu of IP address assignment



STEP 6:  Add  IP address assignment

Fill in the required fields, and then click “Add IP address assignment”.

Network interface Select the network interface for the IP address you want to add 
(in the selection guide was created in STEP4 the [eth1])
Use display IP Optionally select
IP address Select the IP address of any



STEP 7: Rebuilding Network


STEP 8: Confirm network rebuild

When you rebuild the network, the virtual server is restarted, then click "OK" to confirm.


STEP 9: Status settings

Please make sure that the reboot is complete. Log into the server to confirm IP address and the interface is set.




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