Check Disk with fsck in Recovery Mode

Situation - You need to check the primary disk with fsck but can't do so while the disk is in use.

Solution - The server will need to be started in recovery mode.  This allows the disk to be mounted to a temporary virtual server.  In this way the disk isn't in use.

Preparation - You will need downtime for the server.  The check will take time depending on the size of the disk and number of fixes required.  A recent backup of the server is highly suggested.  Access to the customer portal will also be needed.



  1. Log into the customer portal and go to the virtual server.
  2. If you haven't already. Now is a good time to create a backup ->.
  3. Click on Shut down Virtual Machine for the server.  This takes anywhere from 3 to 10 minutes.
  4. Once the server has stopped, click on Startup on Recovery in the same Action menu box. Its icon will be blue when the server is shutdown.
  5. Click OK in the pop-up window that appears.
  6. Connect to the virtual server via a SSH client.  Use the server's IP address as the host and these credentials:
    User: root
    Password: recovery 
  7. Once logged in you need to mount the primary disk to this temporary virtual server. The primary disk is:
  8. Check that the disk is available:
    fdisk -l
  9. Now perform the actual check of the disk.
    fsck -yf /dev/sdb1
  10. Once the check has finished you can log out of the server.
  11. Now you can restart the server via the customer portal console. Click on the Startup Virtual Machine.
  12. Log into the server normally and check for any new errors or if the previous problems have been fixed.


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